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Gabriel Dugué Explores Southern France In His Series BOUCAN

Boucan, noun (informal): 
In French, it means excessive noise, disturbance, racket.

It's also the chosen title of a series about the people and culture in the south of France.

Equal parts documentary and music video, Boucan came about when Quad director Gabriel Dugué teamed up with Hugo Kerr to make some noise about their beloved region by capturing raw, aesthetic images of the landscapes, and telling the stories of people there that might contradict affluent societal norms but reflect the cultural attachments of the region. 

The pilot episode « Sweet Drift » is a portrait of Jennifer. Narrated by her mother's uninhibited voice over, the film is a window into Jennifer's world as a young woman, and a daughter, seemingly born to do one thing: drifting. 

"The initial idea was develop more of the documentary aspect and build the context of the story in a longer introduction and then continue with the music which was created specifically for this film."

"Then in the editing we alternate between voices, sounds and extracts in a way the resembles a music video," reveals Gabriel Dugué. 
A project featuring 100% French artists, the films score features the enchanting, powerful voice of singer-songwriter Nicolas Ly (former frontman of the band Applause) with an original composition by the up-and-coming beatmaker MiM, who will make a new track for every episode. 



Directed by Gabriel Dugué and Hugo Kerr

Grading: Arthur Paux

Prod Company: Grand Crême

Music: MiM feat Nicolas Ly

Sound design : Emilien Bernaux

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