About DJ Pone feat JAW - Highways

The release of DJ Pone's new track 'Highways' feat. JAW marks the first collaboration between Director Gabriel Dugué & Art Bridge - Quad Group.

Director Gabriel Dugué is a French up-and-comer from the sun-soaked city of Montpellier. He helms this poetic and sensitive music video for French artist DJ Pone's new track 'Highways' featuring the voice of the singer JAW.
JAW explains "I wrote this song two years ago in my former home back in Paris, it’s one of the song I wrote and sang I like the best because it says/portrays everything I deeply want to say. We are all living our lives like a poursuit of happiness, like junkies to reach the best, pretending (to be someone else) sometimes, because we care too much about people judgement. We spend our lives going from a circle to another, from a love to another, from streets to highways, blinded by a system that is too strong for us to make a difference by ourselves. Everything is so predictable, only nature will always surprise us. Simple things."

In this music video, Gabriel wants to leave the viewer free to read into his scenario while allowing themselves to be carried away by the rhythm of the song. The dreamlike and sensual touch to the images invite us to travel through the scene with a sense of freedom.

For the release, we sent Clique.tv 3 exclusives subliminal images hidden in the video.

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Photo : Laurent Segretier



Photography: Balthazar Lab
Focus Puller: Jodie Arnoux // Casting: Geraldine Canu Casting // Light: Nathan Chevrin // Unit: Samuel Menegaux
Grading: Arthur Paux // VFX: Johannes Bellarosa
Producer: Olivier Bassuet-Sinda // Production Manager: Arthur Maillard // Production Assistant: Louis Arnoux
Panavision & Panalux // FIX Studio // Noel Very // Bernard Marot // John - Kinou - Cinematographer Agency

Gabriel Dugué - Highways