About Jain - makeba

The release of JAIN's Makeba marks the first production of Quad Group's new creative platform ART BRIDGE.

Makeba's music video embodies Art Bridge’s philosophy by aggregating talents from various artforms and technologies to create unique bodies of work that are vectors of curiosity and emotion. These collaborations aim to offer a variety films, installations, visual experiments, social media content, applications and design. This platform enables us to offer niche and exceptional communication for brands wishing to to differentiate themselves, by promoting conversations through visuals.

Directors Greg&Lio of Quad Productions saw Makeba as an ideal opportunity to work with different artists and asked ART BRIDGE to support them on this creative adventure. For this project, ART BRIDGE brought together internationally renowned French designer Agnès b., who created original dresses for the shoot, The Perfect Storm, a Pantsula dance crew from Soweto (Johannesburg); renowned French street artist L'Atlas for the design of Jain’s sampler deck, as well as South African artists Karabo Poppy and the street artist R1. Each artist built a bridge that converged on this project, creating a unique piece of film art suggesting interactions. For JAIN's fans, this music video is also a way to discover her world, her beliefs, as well as different cultures and artistic expressions; in other words, what JAIN is all about.

In February 2017, Makeba won the prize for Music Video of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique, the French Music Video Awards.
The music video was awarded a Gold Clio Awards, a Gold Kinsale Shark, a Silver Epica Awards and Silver at ADC Awards in NYC.

In January 2018, Greg&Lio were nominated for Best Music Video at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

The video now has 80,000,000 views.

Directors : Greg & Lio

Label : Sony Music / Columbia / RCA Records / Spook Land

Artiste : Jain

Dance crew : The Perfect Storm

Podium stand : L'Atlas (Artwork) Olivier Bassuet (Design) Benoit Revilliod (3D modelisation)

Post-Producteur : Christelle Prud'homme
Superviseur : Kevin Berger

Flame Artiste : Johannes Bellarosa

2D : Diego Giunta, Maxime Servoise, Aurélie Lafitte

Assistant monteur : Antoine Guibert, Bastien Perez, Cecil Cahen, John Sanz Bueno

Music video