About VIP Paris - Auvent Jean Nouvel at Porte de Versailles

The modernization of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles included the creation of a new access door with an outstanding work of art by Jean Nouvel: the Auvent in Pavilion 6. Jean Nouvel has designed the canopy as a monumental structure, a real landmark in the Park, which proudly marks the entrance to the new pavilion. This tapered steel monolith forms a triangle measuring 70m x 60m x 50m on each side, the tip of which rises into the sky to a height of 50m.

This fantastic multi-screen is home to animated content broadcast on hundreds of elongated LED screens, the creation and programming of which has been entrusted to Art Bridge. "The Awning is a wonderful opportunity to combine digital art with architecture. This unique installation is an inspiration in itself." said Amélie Petit Jean, Creative Director for Art Bridge.

The first phase of creation will be dedicated to the so-called "Illumination" contents which will allow to magnify this grandiose work and to highlight it like the most beautiful architectural facades.

For the second phase, ART BRIDGE will select artists based on the intersection between fine art and new technologies. These artists, designers, animators, coders and more will give life to the canopy by reinterpreting the classical artistic disciplines of sculpture, painting, photography, dance, literature and music. They will be able, for example, to codify the verses of a poem in a colour matrix or produce a 3D trace based on the movements of a dancer.

The installation