About Weston - Le beau au bois dormant

To modernize his image, the French luxury shoe brand J.M. Weston called on Art Bridge - Quad Group to design a modern-day tale that brings together actors Omar Sy and Alexia Giordano, the artist Mathias Kiss and the singer, director and artist Oxmo Puccino.
For Olivier Bassuet, producer and co-founder of Art Bridge - Quad Groupe, "the most beautiful films come from encounters".
"The aim was to restore the brand's freshness and reach young people without losing the audience and customers of the house," explains Olivier Bassuet.

Mathias Kiss created the decor for the ballroom of the private residence where the shooting took place, where J.M. Weston is based. He has worked on light, creating the luminous ring where the two actors dance at the end of the spot, and the bed where the beautiful sleeping wood is extended whose marbled effect reminds us of the recesses of Italian painters.

Weston - Oxmo Puccino - Le Beau Dormant