About Jeep - Motor Village 2019

For this journey across the continents, a playful tour unfolds on the 5 floors of the venue, where designers, illustrators and photographers have been brought together to share their vision of 6 major cities around the world. These artistic decors are custom-made and will be the new MotorVillage playground until February 2020, where the most beautiful cars designed for travel and adventure enthusiasts will be on display.

The adventure begins as soon as you enter Oceania, with an artistic installation of hang-gliders that plunges you into Queenstown, the iconic city of extreme and winter sports.

The journey continues in Asia where illustrator Farah Allegue has composed a life-size fresco of Tokyo to capture the vibrant atmosphere of the Japanese megalopolis.

Then off to America where the photographer Romain Staros immerses us in the heart of the famous Motor City through a selection of photos from the "Detroit in Arles" series (presented at the last Rencontres d'Arles 2019) which become monumental prints for this exhibition.

Then it is the turn of illustrator Delphine Dussoubs aka Dalkhafine to take us further south to show us Buenos Aires through a gigantic fresco in warm colors. A series of illustrations can be found on a world map where globetrotters passing through the MotorVillage can indicate the cities they have already visited. Some are also in a photo call where young and old visitors can play the role of tango dancers. The work of the artist who has already collaborated with Pharrell Williams, Woodkid, Major Lazer and Jain then takes us to Africa in the city of Cape Town where she created on the 1st floor a magnificent panorama of the South African city that becomes a circuit for toy cars that the youngsters will love.

Finally, the top floor takes us back to Europe where the Brunoir studio breaks free from codes and offers a destructured and playful version of Paris’ monuments thanks to a unique and elegant artistic work.

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