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Chris Saunders directs music video Where You Belong for Little Dragon during the pandemic

Happy to share the "Where You Belong" music video from Swedish band Little Dragon, directed remotely by Chris Saunders during the lockdown due to Covid-19. This video was created using over 10 years of documentation shot by the band and filmmaker Pether Lindgren as well as scenes directed by Chris Saunders. The footage was curated and edited over a 2 month period into the video you see now.
This video takes us through a visceral visual replay of the bands story and memories, through personal moments and live shows, the video intended to feel fragmented as if within the minds eye of a band member, the visuals constantly interlinking.

EP James Covill (Believe Media U)
Producers Shabana Mansuri, Chris Saunders
Editor Matt Newman (Trim London)
VFX Sam Aldridge and Felix Geen
Colorist Luke Morrison (ETC London)
Cinematographer Tim O’driscoll
Production Assistant Cesar Wehlander
Footage shot by Yukimi Nagano, Fredrik Wallin, Håkan Wirenstrand, Erik Bodin, Pether Lindgren, Sebastian Peña, Chris Saunders, John Alberico, Michael Saint Onge, Kristoffer Elfström, Anna-Klara Åhren, Christian Rossipal
Future Release Documentary Editor Kristoffer Elfström
Fan Art Credits (on Instagram) @drawren, @iamgracehwang, @tara_squad_

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