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Art Bridge x J. M. Weston

We are proud to share with you "Le Beau Dormant", a short film written and directed by the talented rapper, poet, singer and musician Oxmo Puccino for the French house J. M. Weston.  

"Le Beau Dormant”, starring Omar Sy and Alexia Giordano and art directed by renowned designer Mathias Kiss, features J.M. Weston’s latest colourful Moc collection in a modern fairytale. with a twist.

We would like to thank all the artists, technicians and collaborators who worked on this project: Thierry Oriez (J.M.Weston’s CEO), Cédric Dauch (Head of Communication at J.M.Weston), Julie Péresse (J.M.Weston Press and Editorial Manager), Nicole Schluss  and Marc Mottin (Derrière Les Planches), La Maison Pierre Frey, the Gallery Armel Soyer, Olivier Bassuet and François Brun (Producers), Pierre-Marie Dufour (Production Manager), Nicolas Massart (Director of Photography), Mark Zarka (First AD), Florence Fontaine (Wardrobe), Gladys Gambie (Choreographer), Melanie Queyrel Carreno and Aude Thomas Fidon (Hair and Make Up), Nataly Aveillan (Post-Producer) FIX Studio, Eddie Purple (Music and Sound Design), Olivier Piel Maitre-Artisan, Attilalou handmade, Isabelle Brulier, Marilyn Agency Paris, Grégory Weill and ADEQUAT agency, Kinou - Cinematographer Agency, and Nathalie Roland, Ivan Laprade (Making Of Director@artbridge), Beatrice Pegard-Ferry (Production Coordinator and Behind the Scenes Stills Photographer@artbridge).

Watch it here!


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