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Minuit Une
Minuit Une
Nuit Blanche 2016
Mairie de Paris
Minuit Une


Nuit Blanche 2016
Mairie de Paris
Minuit Une

Minuit Une, it started in 2011 with three guys, students at the time, concerts and outings’ lovers. Already passionated by stage design and touched by visual arts, they did notice that the best ligthing design could only be found on big stages. But at this time, as students, it was not the kind of place where they could afford to gather on a frequent basis. Elsewhere, on regular and smaller stages, lighting designs were more or less the same from one to another. Indeed with the existing lighting solutions, creativity often rhymes with quantity and therefore accumulation. Originallity was only possible when a certain amount of product could be installed.

This observation been made, they resolved to explore new opportunities and develop a new concept of lighting effect allowing each product to be a self-sufficient light instrument, accessible to all. They didn’t know much  about the market, its habits or its people.

Being in the audience gives them a fresh look on the market and is still nurrishing their creativity today. As graduated in 2013, they patented this technology with the support of “Institut d’Optique” and therefore created Minuit Une in order to test their prototype through multiple events.

With the toolbox always ready to hand, they learn the sector’s rules and rigor on the field and improve their product consequently. Meeting with skilled and experienced professionals help them to get their final product before to finally introduce it to the market: The Pyramid, closely followed by The Carré in 2016, January. During those years of maturation, they got the opportunity to work with Jeff Mills, The Weather Festival, the Paris City Hall, Nina Kraviz, or the programme Culture Box.

Thanks to an engineering know-how and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they managed to move from a student project to a high growth potential start-up, backed up by solid partners from the parisian entrepreneurial ecosystem ( 104 Paris incubator, Atrium incubator and the Paris City Hall).