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Func’88, graphic designer, graffiti writer and illustrator based in Paris.
He was early immersed into Bmx & Skateboarding in the 80’s where he draws his first inspirations and found passion for graphism and illustrating.
88 : First graffiti-burner and start of a long journey (Tw-Pcp, Grim Team, Ultraboyz).
He creates Wrüng, one of the first french "street-wear" brand in the mid-90's.
Self taught and free-lancer, he collaborates on a various range of projets for different brands and imprints (Carhartt, Vans, Nike, Starcow…)
He worked in the musical industry for almost 15 years, designing stuff for a various range of artists, creating promotional and marketing materials. 
In the same time he produces his own projects regularly (Collectibles, Prints, Skateboards…)
Remained faithful to his youth influences, he’s now working as art director and leading artist for BasementHill distribution
giving his touch to various brands such as Haze Wheels, Creepn’Crawl Skts, Pvlsar Bearings, Curb Sucker, Screwheads….
He’s taking care of the Ultraboyz merchandising and runs the WeBringJustice’s Blog since 2009.