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The Message of Christmas - Concert
The Message of Christmas - Concert

Talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Christophe Chassol has agreed for Cartier and Art Bridge to revisit the spirit of the holiday season through an original composition entitled The Message of Christmas, which evokes both the enveloping warmth and the crystalline delicacy of Christmas sounds. For this live performance, he was accompanied by 12 singers conducted by the brilliant conductor of the Orchestre de Paris, Lionel Sow. 

"With this short piece, I wanted to embody the paradoxical warmth that Christmas evokes to me (its wood crackling in the chimneys, childhood, sharing, light) and the fascinating resemblance between the perfect and unique snowflake patterns and the most sophisticated of High Jewellery Houses." Christophe Chassol

- Original composition: Christophe Chassol
- Choir Director: Lionel Sow
- Directed by Rodolph Nasillski
- Singers: Joséphine Geoffray, Laurence Pouderoux, Isabelle Savigny, Anne-Laure Hulin, Clotilde Cantau, Morgane Boudeville, Amélie Raison, Virginie Lefebvre, Apolline Raï-Westphal, Adèle Carlier, Marthe Davost, Caroline Marçot.
- Scenography: Hopscotch



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