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Furniture & marquetry
Palma door
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Furniture & marquetry
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Anna's artistic environment emerges from the animal and vegetal worlds. Largely inspired by the subjectivity of humans' building lines, she transforms living geometries into graphic patterns through her singular lens nourished by architecture, photography and cartography. She loves to bring into resonance the natural veins of precious materials such as wood or marble with graphic geometries.

Her architectural background possibly explains the right balance between abstract and concrete that her work conveys. Before graduating in 2011 with a project in Miami, Anna studies architecture throughout Bordeaux, Barcelona and Nantes schools. After a few years working in architecture firms, she decides to learn more about wood at 'Ecole BOULLE' in Paris where she reveals her own language within the combination of numerical technology and traditional work applied on noble material.

In 2015, Anna creates her studio, Farouche. In December 2016, she wins the city of Paris' "Grand Prix of Creation" and settles her own studio in Paris XI as a place of experimentation of materials and graphism to develop her poetic and animal 


Each collection offers a different realm of techniques, approaches and sensibilities. She recently worked with street artist like Txemy and collaborated with other artists or designers like Desormeaux/Carette and Marta Bakowsky.