About Marcos Mello Cavallaria

Marcos Mello Cavallaria started his professional artistic career through visual arts, drawing storyboards and comic books in Hollywood at age 15. In 2007, he founded Cavallaria, an artistic studio that is the precursor of fashion film in Brazil. The studio makes films for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, GQ and big brands segment, using RED Digital Cinema movie frames as stills. Mello made the first 3D fashion show in the world in 2010.

In 2013 his latest short film ‘The Iron Maiden’ participated in the Short Film Corner in Cannes. He debuted with SHOWstudio in 2013 with the film Punk Love in which he developed a unique technique ‘Motion Light Painting’ ®.

Marcos Mello Cavallaria
Volvo - Light Painting
Marcos Mello Cavallaria
Punk Love – Art 06 black & white
Marcos Mello Cavallaria
Noir le Lis – Black and White feat Matthew McConaughey