About François Peyranne

François is a french director, graphic designer and photographer based in Paris. Graduate from Penninghen, Hip Hop and street art passionate (his first video clip was for DeeNasty!), François now mainly works for luxury brands. Talended artistic director, he is very good at understanding a brand or putting himself in an other artist’s shoes, to come up with completed, meticulous, spectacular images perfectly transposing a narrative and putting to life a specific universe (Rolex, Cartier, Sécurité Routière…). His in-depth sense of composition mixed with his mastering of 2D and 3D softwares, make him an "old hand" in the movie production chain - from the creation of images, to movie direction, to post-production. Craftsman and artist, François knows how to enhance a brief from a given brand, as much as he can work from a blank page and come up with a home-made set-up featuring a young woman running on the Parisian rooftops - a viral film for MyLittle Paris that reached 30 millions views in a few days.

François Peyranne
My Little Box - L'acrobate des toits de Paris
François Peyranne
Ruinart - Innovative & Immersive experience