About Marta Bakowski

Marta Bakowski was born in Paris in 1986.

During the eight years she spent first in London and then Berlin, she developed and cultivated a transversal approach of design, which evidenced her curiosity for the creative and manufacturing processes, skills and expertise. 

A graduate of Saint Martin's School (2009) and then the Royal College of Arts (2011) in London, she went on to work in the studio of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, whom she assisted for around two years. On her return to Paris at the end of 2013, she opened her own design studio, in which she questions the language of everyday objects, paying particular attention to colour and materials. Produced either on an industrial scale or in small series Her objects follow simple & graphical shapes with an elementary functionality, leaving room for tactility & product's expressive qualities.

Photo : Thomas Louapre

Marta Bakowski
Wall Lamp - Rays
Marta Bakowski
Revelations Fair - Cache Cache
Marta Bakowski
Concrete Collection - Cosmos & PI Side Table
Marta Bakowski
Furniture Piece - Domestic Playground
Marta Bakowski
Wall Lamp - Sorcier