About Lucie Le Guen

Lucie Le Guen graduated in 2014 from the EESAB - Rennes specializing in product design. During her education she studied one year in the Czech Republic and carried out a seven month internship at the  Nichetto & Partners Venitien design studio. Deeply influenced by these experiences she is particularly interested in both craftmanship and digital techniques. 

« My design practice is based on experimentation, that's why I am also helding workshops dealing with electric circuits, using leds, button cells and everyday-material. The aim is to experiment a new way of making electric circuits and to invent new triggering gestures. »

Lucie Le Guen
Table Lamp - Fetiche
Lucie Le Guen
Floor Lamp - Mercure
Lucie Le Guen
Mirror - Miroir Miroir !